Geraint Lewis

Having only completed his first real triathlon in 2021, Geraint is now heading for Kona, Hawaii in October 2022 to take place in the Ironman World Championships.

Geraint has always been a rugby player but like most of us, things changed in 2020 with Covid-19 and lockdown. He weighed just over 17 stone at the time and wanted to find a way to maintain and improve his fitness whilst losing weight at the same time.

He started working on a fitness training programme and managed to lose over 3 stone after which he started his triathlon journey. His first event was Ironman UK, in Bolton in 2021, one of the very few events to take place in 2021. Having put in a monumental amount of effort to get fit and lean, he managed to put in a World Championship qualifying performance and is now headed for Kona, Hawaii in October 2022.

Geraint discovered Tailwind in 2021 and to use his own words: it’s been a game-changer for him. Like many of us, he was struggling to manage the fatigue in between training sessions and find an easy and effective nutrition solution. He made the move to Tailwind for both fuelling and recovery and is happy to confirm that it really is all you need all day!

Geraint’s achievements are already an inspiration and the fact he has qualified for the Ironman World Championships just a year after even starting triathlon is a real testament to his commitment and hard work. He is a hard-working partner and parent and like many of us, has to fit in his training and events around his life. He works in the construction trade and is an ambassador/sponsored athlete for other brands such as SBR Clothing and Jinx Sport Coaching.

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