We decided to start a Tailwind community in Wales because we love the products and wanted to share its brilliance and simplicity – the company slogan internationally is “All you need, all day. Really.” and that sums it up pretty perfectly! So, a little while back, we contacted Tailwind HQ in Durango, Colorado, and we went from there, setting up here in the beautiful home of Ironman Wales – Pembrokeshire.

Tailwind Wales
Broad Haven Beach in Pembrokeshire – a favourite local training destination!

Tailwind Nutrition was developed by Jeff and Jenny Vierling in the USA and brought to the UK a few years ago. We use Tailwind ourselves to fuel numerous events including Ironman Wales, Long Course Weekend, marathons, half marathons, 100+ mile cycle sportives and more.

So we want to extend you a very warm WELCOME to the Tailwind Wales Community where we hope to share the amazing #FuelledByTailwind success stories that we know are out there and hopefully make a few more happen! Help us to spread the Tailwind Wales word – we really look forward to hearing your story!

Thanks for visiting!

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